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How To Prepare For Your Retirement

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One big problem which effects disabled patients is getting social workers and doctors to work with them when it comes to applying for disability. In some cases, help is easily given. In others, the time involved and the difficulty in getting benefits seems to be too much trouble. As a patient, how do you help this process? As a doctor, how can you help your patient? And as a social service professional, what can you do to make this process easier for you, the doctor, and the patient?

Applications for Social Security have increased 23% over last year and this increase has forced deficit spending by the fund in the amounts of $10 billion in 2010 and $9 billion in 2011. Deficits are beginning before the bulk of the baby boomers retire. What will happen when 80 million of them jump onto this teetering system? Even the trustees now admit the fund will be exhausted in 28 years. This means it will run out of money sometime during the lifetime of a healthy 65 year old. Those contemplating retirement in the near future should consider backup plans.

Some payday loan garnish social security retirees simply need the income. Searching for payday loan garnish social security will quickly bring you to nearmeloans. Let’s see why. For any of a number of reasons, they are no longer able to work, and the funds available in savings are just not enough.

Listen to politicians and they will tell you social security is in trouble because it is inefficient and facing the demographic baby boomer problem. Both reasons are false and you shouldn’t believe a word of it. The problem with social security is the government has been gutting it for years to pay for other things, specifically the interest on our national debt. This is because the total social security taxes collected each year for decades was far more than what was paid out. In 1999, for instance, the surplus was roughly $105 billion. This was for one year and reflected surpluses that existed for generations. All that money has been swiped by the government to pay our debts. The program is running out of money all right – because the government spent it!

There are two major types of disability. The first is Disability Insurance, which is for those who have worked approximately five out of the last ten years but are now disabled. The second, Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, is for disabled individuals, whether they have worked or not. Children may fall under this category. There are also other programs such as Disabled Widows’ and Widows’ Benefits, for those over 50 who are disabled or become disabled within a certain period of time after the spouse’s death, depending on how much the spouse worked during his or her lifetime. Disabled Adult Child Benefits are for children of the deceased or those who receive benefits, if the child is under 22 years old. SSI is the only program that considers current wealth rather than work credits.

When retirement age comes into effect a formula is put into use to determine the amount of your pension – which will then become your monthly retirement payment. This payment is made automatically to you through the state of California.

In order to receive full benefits for the SSA you have to be 67 years old unless you turn 62 this year then full retirement is 66. Of course you can receive benefits when you reach the age of 62 but only at a partial level. If you do retire earlier than 67 you will permanently lose 25 % of your monthly payments. That is quite a bit of money!

If I worked at the Social Security Administration, I would be very afraid. And you have to wonder…if the SSA is already in financial trouble, is this backlog for real, or a way to stem the outward flow of money and extend the life of this government entity for which all of us working “stiffs” pay dearly for out of our paychecks?

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